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Hello World

Welcome to my place! My name is Bobae, and I live in Chicago.

I am currently working for a state agency that works to improve the administration of criminal justice in Illinois. While my job title reads “Research Analyst,” my day-to-day work is centered around 1) building web apps that support ICJIA in its mission to serve as the state’s criminal justice data clearinghouse and 2) helping my coworkers to add programming to their analytical toolbox.

Indeed, my passion goes beyond research. Specifically, I love the World Wide Web, computer programming, open source technology, statistics, social science, and continental philosophy. I also enjoy looking at a beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan, riding a longboard I got my last birthday and having a warm bowl of ramen. 😍🍜

I created this website to document my own journey, both personal and professional. My goal here is primarily to write regularly and share what I learn at work and beyond.

Thank you for visiting me. Hope to see you again!